April 1, 2018

Specific Greater Western New York Stories

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Six Soaring Eagles – A Story of Unity, Hope, and Inspiration Told Through Family, Friends, and Faith

(Pandamensional Solutions, Inc., expected 2018)

On Friday morning, October the second, 1981, the subcompact car missed the stop sign and six vibrant souls instantly slipped their surly bonds. These had been the finest in their class: honors students, team captains, class chaplain, club president, members of the class senate, singers in the college choir, homecoming queen candidates and their escorts. Leaders all. Such promise. So eager. So devout. Now gone. In a quick instant. The moment classmates heard of the accident, they took a reverent breath then paused, making a mental calculation as to how recently they had crossed paths with one of the six and how soon they had intended to see them again. They wandered about in stunned but serene silence, occasionally stopping to hug another, clustered in small groups to share a tear, but always comforting each other.

And always wondering “Why?” Little did they know that in the space of a few days the answer would be revealed to them. It was an answer that would frame the rest of their lives. It is an answer that remains instructive to all people – young and old – that face terrible unexpected tragedy.

This true-life story takes place in a small Christian college deep in the heart of the Greater Western New York region. It is a story of unity, hope, and inspiration. It is a story we can all embrace. It is a story we can all learn from.


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A Pizza The Action – Everything I Ever Learned About Business I Learned by Working in a Pizza Stand at the Erie County Fair 

(Pandamensional Solutions, Inc., 2014)

A Pizza The Action Book Front Cover - corrected“In the mid-1970s through the early 1980s, life in the pizza stand at the Erie County Fair was nirvana. I thought I could work there forever. But life happens. Eventually, it was my turn to transition from full-time student to full-time worker. 

I thought I could do both. I couldn’t. And I shouldn’t. Life moves on. From one generation to the next. The greatest gift the older generation can give to the younger is to share the secrets to its success and cultivate the next generation so it can stand – and succeed – on its own. 

That was the final lesson – the lesson of giving, And I learned it this way…”

A Pizza The Action is a business book wrapped in a personal memoir. Join the author as he relives real-life events that occurred while he worked in his grandparents’ pizza stand at the nation’s largest county fair. Chris Carosa explains how, in retrospect, these stories revealed 15 rules told through 54 lessons all entrepreneurs, business executives and anyone interested in getting ahead must know.

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